Why Was My Card Charged? -- Payment Processing Explainer

To minimize misuse and fraud activities and to ensure the maximum availability to our users, brickbox.io utilizes a tiered payment method that matures as the users utilizes brickbox’s services more.

Users are billed monthly for their usage. In addition to monthly billing, users are also billed as they surpass the following milestones:

  • $1
  • $25
  • $100
  • $1000

Once a user surpasses the $1000 threshold, they will only be billed on a monthly basis.

Example: Alice rents a brick. After her brick uses $1 of resources, her card will be charged. Her card will not be charged again until one of two scenarios are achieved: she either hits the $25 threshold or the monthly payment threshold.

If you have any questions or any payment-related issues, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to support at info@brickbox.io